VLA Presidential Citations

The VLA Presidential Citation was established by Dr. John A. Moorman (VLA President, 2010) at the start of his Presidency. The award allows the VLA President to recognize the contributions of individuals to librarianship in Virginia. Click on the names of the winners below to read text of the citations.

October 2023: Save Samuels

October 2022: Pierre Courtois

October 2021: Rachel A. Smith

November 2020: Kristi Jerome

October 2019Cori Biddle

September 2018Angie Sumner

October 2017Elizabeth Land, Marlene Brawner, and Gregg Grunow

November 2016Carol L. Adams

October 2014Jerry McKenna

October 2013: Candice Benjes-Small, Elizabeth Kocevar-Weidinger, and Luke Vilelle

October 2012: Megan Hodge and Rebecca K. Miller

June 2012: Senator Thomas K. Norment

September 2012: Barbie Selby

April 2012: Bette Dillehay

January 2012Steve Helm

October 2011: Sean Bonney

September 2011Cy Dillon and Lyn (C.A.) Gardner

June 2011Kevin Smith

April 2011: Kathy Perry

January 2011: Christine White

September 2010: Paranita Carpenter

June 2010: Marianne Ramsden

April 2010Susan C. Thorniley

January 2010: Gene Damon

October 2009: Elizabeth M. Lewis