Barbie Selby

At the September 14, 2012 VLA Council Meeting, President Connie Gilman presented Barbie Selby with the VLA Presidential Citation. The Citation read: ”

In honor of her years of service to the field of librarianship in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Barbie Selby has been recognized both locally and nationally. According to the ALA website, Barbie was selected for the Bernadine Abbott Hoduski Founders Award in 1999, due to “her efforts to promote the visibility of Federal, state and international government information and to improve communication in Virginia among those who work with government information.” Her commitment to communication resulted in the consistent publication of The Shipping List newsletter, as well as relevant, timely and significant articles inVirginia Libraries. For her steadfast dedication  to the sharing of information and her years of support, the Virginia Library Association presents this Presidential Citation to Barbie Selby.”