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Beta Phi Mu Conference Support Award given to “The Innovative Library Classroom.”

The Innovative Library Classroom is co-sponsored by the Virginia Library Association.

Beta Phi Mu Conference Support Award given to “The Innovative Library Classroom.”

January 19, 2016

“The Innovative Library Classroom” is the recipient of the 2016 Beta Phi Mu Conference Support Award. This annual award provides a $500 grant to a new and/or small conference, symposium, forum, or similar event which is open to attendance by LIS practitioners and is aligned with Beta Phi Mu’s core values of scholarship, leadership, and service. “The Innovative Library Classroom,” to be held on May 12, 2016, in Radford, VA, will explore teaching and learning in the library environment. 

Beta Phi Mu is the International Library and Information Science Honor Society. Since its founding in 1948, thousands of outstanding LIS students have been initiated into the society on the strength of their academic record and the recommendation of their school’s faculty. Beta Phi Mu promotes excellence in the LIS professions through a robust program of scholarships, awards, and publications. 

The Conference Support Award selection committee chose “The Innovative Library Classroom” because of its collaborative, multi-institutional approach; relevant and timely focus; appeal across types of libraries; and demonstrated congruity with the society’s core values.  Applications for next year’s award will be accepted starting in September 2016.


Beta Phi Mu -

The Innovative Library Classroom –


Alison Lewis, Executive Director, Beta Phi Mu -  215-895-5959 [email protected]

Alison M. Lewis, Ph.D., Executive Director
Beta Phi Mu
Drexel University
College of Computing and Informatics
3141 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104



2016 VLA Conference, October 26-28 The Omni Homestead Resort, Hot Springs, VA

Educate, Advocate, Promote, Praise, Repeat

Call for Proposals NOW OPEN (closes April 15, 2016)


What do I need to complete the Proposal Form?

  • A VLA login. You do not need to be a member to have a login. You must log in to submit a proposal so that you are able to log back in to the form and make changes in the future.
  • Contact information for all speakers: name, email and organization. (Biography optional; will be included in the conference app.)
  • Program title, description, outline, learning objectives and take-aways
  • Level of audience for the program
  • Preferred program date and time
  • Topic/Category of presentation (click here for full list of options)
  • Estimated costs (VLA agrees to review expected expenses but cannot guarantee reimbursement.)
  • Have any of the presenters participated in the VLA Presentation Academy?

Proposals will be reviewed and presenters will be notified in May 2016. Requested session times and dates will be honored wherever possible. Up to two presenters per session will receive 50% off the conference registration fee. If you have any questions, please contact VLA Executive Director Lisa R. Varga at [email protected].

Martha Hutzel, 2016 VLA President, [email protected]
Sasha Matthews, 2016 VLA Conference Chair, [email protected]
Stefanie Metko, 2016 VLACRL Conference Within A Conference Chair, [email protected]
and the 2016 VLA Conference Committee


VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Award: Seeking Judges

The VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Award Committee is currently seeking applicants to judge the 2016 entries for its first year of competition. Please complete the Graphic Novel Diversity Award Judge's Application by Monday, February 1 to be considered for one of 3 positions on each panel, Youth (ages 6-17) or Adult (ages 18 and up).

You do not need to be a VLA member to apply, but, if chosen, you must be a VLA member to serve as a judge.

Click here for more information about the VLA Graphic Novel Diversity Award.

Any questions or comments, please send an email to Kevin Clement ([email protected]), VLA's Diversity & Inclusion Forum Chair.


 Update from VLA's Legislative Committee regarding the Virginia General Assembly

Report to VLA from Phil Abraham of The Vectre Corporation, Richmond, VA, given April 2021 to the VLA Executive Committee and Council and updated July 26, 2021:

One of the unique aspects of the short session this year was that there was a tight limit on the number of bills that could be introduced. Senators could only introduce 12 bills and House members could only introduce 7 bills. This resulted in slightly less than 1,000 bills being introduced at the 2021 regular and special sessions (about half of what you would see in a normal session). The session was also totally virtual in regard to the public and lobbyists being able to monitor committee meetings. All lobbying activities had to be conducted via text, cellphone, or video conference. It was a lot more challenging as lobbyists couldn’t catch legislators in person in the hallways or offices. The amount of time we had to testify on legislation ranged for a low of 30 seconds to a high of 2 minutes. The 2021 Session was unique in that it began with a 30-day Regular Session that was rolled-into a Special Session that last about 18 days.

The major issues legislators dealt with at the 2021 General Assembly were  abolishing the death penalty, legalizing marijuana (simple possession as of July 1, 2021), passing the revised state budget, and legislation providing for the expungement of many criminal convictions. 

 For VLA, our primary issue, as in recent years, was to increase state aid.  $1M increased funding is what we asked for in the second year of the current budget to restore the funds that were eliminated due to Covid-19 in 2020.  We had two great new champions for our efforts including Delegate Betsy Carr, who  chairs the Higher Education subcommittee of the House Appropriations that handles state aid to local libraries. She put in the amendment for us on the House side as she did at the 2020 Regular and Special Sessions. Senator Mamie Locke, who is from Hampton and is the Senate Democratic Caucus Chair as well as Chair of the Higher Education Subcommittee of Senate Finance and Appropriations, put in the amendment for VLA  on the Senate side.  This was the first year Senator Locke had been asked to introduce the state aid budget amendment.  For the first time in many years, both the House and Senate agreed to fund the increase in state aid we requested and included the $1M restoration of funds in the budget conference report.  We also had strong support from Delegate Mark Sickles, who is Vice-Chair of the House Appropriations Committee from Fairfax County, and from Senator Tommy Norment, the Senate Republican Leader, who use to chair the Higher Education Subcommittee of the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee and is  from James City County.. We also had new staff assigned to the state aid budget amendment because Sarah Herzog is now the budget director for Christopher Newport University.  Tyler Williams is the new Senate staffer on all education matters, including state aid to local public libraries, and Tony Maggio remains the House Appropriations Committee staff member assigned responsibility for state aid matters and all Higher Education funding.. Both House and Senate staff members were supportive of the VLA budget amendment request in 2021.

 The only other bill that concerned libraries in particular was legislation that allowed Fairfax South Boston regional system to get their full amount of state aid in the wake of their reversion to town status that occurred a number of years ago. They were the only city that had previously reverted to town status that has not been held harmless regarding state aid to public library funding levels following their reversion. When this bill was heard in the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee, the Chair of that Committee, Senator Janet Howell from Fairfax County,  said, “Aren’t you aware, Delegate Edmunds, that we already put $1M in the state budget for increased local aid to public libraries?” I thought that comment was positive and  demonstrated the interest of Senator Howell in funding for local public libraries.  

At the upcoming 2022 session our focus will be continued progress on fully funding the state aid to local public libraries program . We hope to get there in four years by dividing the shortfall up into four segments and phasing them in as annual increases of a little over $2.5M each year. With support from Delegate Carr and Senator Locke, we can hopefully make real progress towards our full-funding goal.

Members of the House currently are focused on elections  because all 100 of them are up for reelection in November.  Statewide elections  for Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General will be held the same day. The Democrats held a statewide primary on June 8th of 2021, and the Republicans held a virtual convention at roughly 35 sites around the state in May 2021. We’ll do our best to educate the candidates for Governor on the importance of fully funding state aid and try to get some commitments during the campaign to move towards full funding.


2016 Scholarship Application

Deadline for application packets to be received by VLA: March 4, 2016

2016 VLA Scholarship Application

2016 VLA Recommendation Letter Form

 Submit completed application by e-mail to Lisa Varga at [email protected]

The Virginia Library Association awards two $2500 scholarships for students pursuing a Masters degree in Library Science at ALA accredited schools.  One of these, the Clara Stanley Scholarship, is awarded by the VLA Professional Associates Forum (VLAPAF).

The eligibility requirements for the VLA Scholarship are:

  • Residence in the state of Virginia or currently employed in a Virginia Library.
  • Undergraduate degree.
  • Acceptance by an American Library Association accredited library school or a pending application for admission.  MUST be earning a Master of Library Science Degree.
  • Membership in the Virginia Library Association. Click here to become a student member. Annual fee is $15.00
  • For the Clara Stanley VLAPAF Scholarship: current employment at a Virginia library is required.

The major factors considered in making the awards are:

  • Evidence of commitment to a career in librarianship in Virginia.
  • Financial need.
  • Potential for outstanding achievement in the library profession.
  • Academic excellence.
  • Membership in the Virginia Library Association.

In order to be considered, your application including two (2) references is to be submitted by March 4, 2016.  You must have two (2) references, one of which must be a librarian.  A link to the Recommendation Form is above.  This form must be submitted by the reference persons themselves. 

The Scholarship committee will review applications during the spring and you will be notified of the Committee’s decisions in late April.  If you have any questions about any aspect of the application process, please contact: Lucy Rush, Old Dominion University Libraries, [email protected], (757) 683-5909


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