Key Contact FAQ

1. What is a Key Contact?

Key Contacts are specific linked profile/s who are viewed as the organization’s manager. An organization may have one Key Contact, or all of the linked users may be designated as Key Contacts. The Key Contact(s) can:

  • Pay dues on behalf of the organization
  • Edit and update the organization’s profile they're linked to
  • Edit and update other profiles linked to their organization
  • Register other linked users from their organization for events

2. Can a Key Contact Add or Remove Employees? 

Yes!  Please see the documentation on how to add or remove your employees. 

3. How do I register someone for VLA events on their behalf as the Organization's Key Contact?

It's simple! See the documentation on how to register on someone's behalf.

4. I just registered someone and received a blank confirmation email?

Unfortunately, if a Key Contact does not register themselves when registering others, the confirmation the Key Contact receives is blank. The attendees registered will receive an itinerary and a separate confirmation prior to the event. 

Other questions?  Please email us at [email protected]