Website Content Committee


Are you creative and tech-savvy? Are you a bit of a graphic design geek? The VLA Website Content Committee is looking for you!

If you are a current member of the Virginia Library Association, now is your chance to volunteer your skills and knowledge to make the VLA website even better. The Website Content Committee monitors the timeliness, relevance, and overall quality of the content on the VLA website. The committee is also responsible for assisting the Executive Director with maintaining the website and promoting both contribution to and use of the website to all VLA members.

Committee members meet virtually about once a month to discuss ongoing projects and brainstorm ideas. Members also assist the Committee Chair and the Executive Director with various projects, including updating the website, working with other committees to create content, and coming up with new ways the VLA website can serve its members. Content writers share their expertise by writing short articles on various topics related to librarianship.

To let us know you are interested in contributing to the committee, complete this form today!

If you have any questions about the Website Content Committee, please contact the 2021 Website Content Committee Chair: Meg Slingerland, Central Rappahannock Regional Library, [email protected]

About the Website Content Committee


  • To monitor the timeliness, relevance, and overall quality of the content on the VLA website (
  • To promote both contribution to and use of the website to all VLA members and others who may have an interest in that content.


  1. To coordinate with and support efforts of the Executive Director in maintaining the VLA website for easy access and use by the membership.
  2. To mentor VLA members interested in digital publication and to encourage VLA members to publish articles relevant to issues in librarianship.
  3. To encourage committee and forum members to develop stories of interest to their own committee and forum members, to VLA members, and to the general population.
  4. To assess the website’s usability and user needs periodically through an association-wide survey and conference sessions.
  5. To update the style manual as needed and make printed copies available to Council members upon request.

Officers and Membership:

  • Chair: The Chair will attend Council meetings, set the agenda for the year and preside over all committee meetings.
  • Vice-Chair: The Vice-Chair will serve as secretary for all committee business, as well as support the chair. The Vice-Chair will preside over meetings and attend Council meetings in the absence of the Chair.
  • Past-Chair: The Past-Chair must remain available for a year in an advisory capacity to the current Chair, but is not required to take part in committee business or duties.
  • Virginia Libraries liaison: Appointed by the Virginia Libraries editor, the VL liaison will serve as the communication link between the committee and the VL editorial board. The VL liaison will also serve to ensure that the website and VL are complementary and not competitive.
  • Leadership Succession: The Chair and Vice-Chair serve two-year terms, one year as Vice-Chair and the following year as Chair. Once the Chair’s term has been reached, the Chair shall serve as Past-Chair.
  • Membership Diversity: Efforts will be made to ensure the membership is representative of VLA membership, including members from all regions, from different types of libraries, and from varied professional levels.

—Last  Updated  1/20/2021