VLA 2015 Presentation Academy


Would you like to…

Discover ways to brainstorm presentation ideas
Write effective conference proposals
Improve your public speaking skills
Design effective presentational aids
Receive formal feedback on a presentation?

Then sign up for VLA’s Presentation Academy! A recent survey of some VLA members revealed that a number of library professionals would be interested in presenting but requested help with the necessary skills.  This new venture is intended to support VLA members of all stripe, seniority, and persuasion in an effort to expand and improve presentations in our area.  Whether you are a seasoned professional just looking for some new ideas or a new member who wants to learn the basics, the Presentation Academy may be for you.

The Presentation Academy will be a hybrid experience. Participants will first attend an in-person workshop on Monday, March 2, in Charlottesville, 9:30 am to 12:30 pm. At this meeting, we will brainstorm ideas for presentations, learn techniques to combat public speaking nerves, and discuss how to write a strong proposal.

In the summer, we will offer webinars on effective presentation design.  

In September, participants will then have an opportunity to give a “dress rehearsal” on a presentation to academy faculty members, who will offer constructive critiques.  

Additional benefits: .  For those of you who want to submit for VLA 2015, academy faculty members will provide written feedback to your draft proposals. During the VLA selection process, your proposals will be given extra consideration. Participants will be entered into a $100 drawing from the VLA Fundraising/Development Forum.  Participants who complete all activities will receive a certificate of completion.

Space is limited, so please apply by Monday, February 16.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Do I need to be at an academic or public library?
A. You can be any kind of library professional that has a membership to VLA or ACRL (Virginia resident). Student members are also welcome.

Q. How much does this cost?
A. There are no registration fees.  

Q. Do I have to attend the Charlottesville event?
A. This is the kickoff event for the academy and is required.

Q. Where will the Charlottesville meeting be located?
A. UVA’s Alderman Library will host us. VLA will cover parking expenses. Thank you, UVA and VLA!

Q. What if I just want to attend some of the events?
A. To be a participant, you must commit to the kickoff event in Charlottesville and the summer webinars. (Webinars will be recorded so that participants who cannot attend can watch at another time.) The September session is optional for those not presenting at VLA.

Q. Who are the Presentation Academy faculty members?
Candice Benjes-Small (VLACRL)
Ladd Brown (VLA Technical Services Forum)
Nathan Flinchum (VLA Executive Committee & Local History Forum)
Rebecca K. Miller (VLA Executive Committee & VLACRL)
Jennifer Resor Whicker (VLACRL)

I have other questions; who should I contact? Candice can be reached at [email protected]