Management Development

With VALLA's sole focus on leadership, as well as being offered as a competitive, time-sensitive, structured process, below is a list of recommended training with a specific focus on management:

Library of Virginia Management Academy - available as a self-paced, online format through Niche Academy (free)

Library Juice Academy - Management Courses (cost)

Project Management Fundamentals for Librarians - available through Library Journal (cost)

Supplemental Leadership Development Resources

Below is a list of additional leadership development experiences:

American Library Association (ALA) Leadership Institute - (cost)

Association of Research Libraries (ARL) Leadership Fellows - (cost)

Leadership for School Librarians American Association for School Librarians (ASL) Course - (cost)

Leadership Institute for Academic Librarians - (cost)

Leading, Educating, and Developing (LEAD) - (cost)

Library Juice Academy - Leadership Courses - (cost)

Public Library Association (PLA) Leadership Academy - (cost)

Additional VALLA Resources

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