Meet a Member 

Sherry Matis

March 2022

What is your current position? Research Librarian & User Experience Librarian

Where do you work? Virginia Wesleyan University

When did you first know that you wanted to work in the library field? Librarianship is a second career for me.  I always loved libraries and volunteering in libraries, but I didn't know I wanted to work in the library field until I realized I was unhappy working in my originally chosen profession.  I spent some time re-evaluating my skills and career options.  I recognized that I had been the happiest when working at libraries and therefore, I decided to go back to school and get my library degree. 

What is your favorite part of librarianship? Watching that moment when a spark ignites in a student.  Being able to create that spark of curiosity and enabling a student to then pursue that curiosity on their own is the most rewarding part of my career. 

What was your first library or library-related job? I volunteered in my children's elementary school library for years!

What projects or programs are you currently working on at your library? I am working to align our library instruction program with our new general education curriculum.  I am also involved with weeding our print periodical collection in order to establish more study space in the library.

What issue or topic in librarianship are you most interested in? Instruction, pedagogy and learning theory.

Why are you a member of VLA and what is the most important reason to you for being a member of VLA? I love that VLA has always been a place where I can learn from colleagues and be inspired.  It is also an incredible group of supportive individuals that work hard to support our profession.

Contact Sherry Matis at [email protected] if you have any questions.