Meet a Member Christina Harris

August 2021

What is your current position and employer?

My current position is Instruction & Outreach Librarian at Mary Baldwin University/ Martha S. Grafton Library


When did you first know that you wanted to work in the library field?

After working part-time at a public library, I thought to myself, I could do this as a career!


What is your favorite part of librarianship?

Connecting with patrons and helping them find the information they need. Also, staying ahead of the curve with access to many different databases and resources.


What was your first library or library-related job?

I had a work-study job in the Grafton library my senior year of college. I'm an alma mater at the library I currently work in which kind of makes it full circle.


What projects or programs are you currently working on at your library?

I plan to add more books that contain BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ characters, authors, and themes to our collection, while providing resources for the myriad types of literacy to incoming students, faculty, and staff.


What issue or topic in librarianship are you most interested in?

Teaching literacy in many facets is my main objective. I teach information literacy, but topics such as financial literacy and health/nutrition literacy are not being addressed in most primary and secondary schools.


Why are you a member of VLA and what is the most important reason to you for being a member of VLA?

I am a member of VLA and hold the position of Chair for the LGBTQIA+ Forum. I enjoy the library atmosphere and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Please contact Christina at [email protected] if you would like any information about the VLA LGBTQIA+ Forum.