Meet a Member

January 2022

Bill Edwards-Bodmer


What is your current position?

Information Management Analyst 

Where do you work? 

NASA's Scientific & Technical Information Program


When did you first know that you wanted to work in the library field?  

I had an internship working in special collections and archives at The Mariners' Museum Library. That eventually turned into a full-time job and I found that I love working in libraries and helping people.


What is your favorite part of librarianship?

Finding information for people and making information easier to find.


What was your first library or library-related job?

Library Researcher at The Mariners' Museum Library


What projects or programs are you currently working on at your library?

Developing enterprise-level digital object identifier (DOI) services; developing a way for external users to submit scientific and technical documents.


What issue or topic in librarianship are you most interested in?

Information access and persistent identifiers  


Why are you a member of VLA and what is the most important reason to you for being a member of VLA?

The most important reason for being a member of VLA is the connections I make with other library folks around the state. These connections have been beneficial to me for both professional and personal reasons.


If you have any questions please contact Bill Edwards-Bodmer at [email protected]