Meet A Member: Michelle Chrzanowski

Where do you work?
I work for the NASA Scientific and Technical Information (STI) Program Support Services under the LAMPS contract at NASA Langley Research Center.

What is your current position?I am a Content Management Analyst.

When did you first know that you wanted to be a librarian?
I should have guessed it ages ago when I spent so much time a child in libraries. However, it took me much longer to come to that realization. It was probably while working as a paraprofessional in the Virginia Beach Public Library system that lead me to make that choice. I really enjoyed working with our customers and being able to help them daily that made me decide to do go to library school.

What was your first library job?
I started my journey as a Clerk (shelver) at the Great Neck Library in Virginia Beach, VA.

What is your favorite part of librarianship?
The constant search for information. I like conducting reference interviews with customers
and helping them connect with our resources to solve whatever quandaries they may have. In
my current position, I connect many people with scientific and technical research through
NASA's PubSpace and the NASA Technical Reports Server.

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on the job?
There are so many to choose from, but I will say having books fall on my while trying to pull
a book from a tall shelf (I am five foot even).

If you could have anything in the universe installed in your office for your personal use, what would it be?
A complete coffee and espresso bar with a constant supply of coffees from around the world.

What is something your colleagues would be surprised to know about you?
I came very close to becoming a US Marshall.

Interview conducted by Gregg Grunow.
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