Makerspace Forum


The Makerspace Forum is like opening up a creative playground where folks with various skills and interests can chat, brainstorm, and team up on cool projects. This online space isn't just about talking—it's about making things happen faster by learning from each other, sharing resources, and sparking new ways of thinking. You're invited to tinker, collaborate, and bring awesome ideas to life!


We meet online the second Friday of every month at 2 p.m. to casually check in and see how things are going in the world of Virginia makerspaces. New to makerspaces or just curious? We'd love to see you there! We currently have participants from schools, universities, public libraries, and more!

Please join us using the link below:

Makerspace Forum Monthly Meeting

Read minutes from our previous meetings:
Meeting Minutes


Co-chair: Gregg Grunow, Prince William Public Libraries, [email protected]
Co-chair: Natalie Hutchinson, Prince William Public Libraries, [email protected]

This page is under construction. Please check back soon to read more about the Makerspace Forum.