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This ever-evolving list of job search resources has been compiled by the Continuing Education Committee. Please contact a committee member if you know of a resource we missed, or if you have a problem with one of the links supplied. For more career resources visit the Library of Virginia’s LDND InfoCenter.

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Resume & Cover Letter Tips

Open (library)cover letters

An archive of cover letters that have landed submitters a library job. This is a great resource for seeing how other applicants phrased their cover letters.

How to write a cover letter that employers will actually read

Lifehacker offers tips on writing a cover letter that will grab the eye of potential employers.

The one cover letter trick that will get you noticed

Andy Burkhardt offers his trick for getting potential employers to stop and read a cover letter.

5 biggest resume mistakes I see and how to correct them

A professional tasked with hiring staff gives you the top 5 offenses from a career spent reading bad resumes.

How to quantify your resume bullets

Just because we work in libraries, doesn't mean we have to be afraid to bring numbers to our resumes.

Interview Tips

Hiring Librarians

While this site is no longer active, it still offers some amazing information about how to get hired as a librarian from those who have done the hiring.

Library interview questions

Mr. Library Dude compiles a list of links around the web with questions potential employers will ask you during the job interview.

Questions to ask during a library interview

You're not the only one in the hot seat during a job interview. Your employer should give you the opportunity to ask them questions, and you should take them up on it. Mr. Library Dude offers suggestions for the types of questions you should ask.

How to ace a job interview

Tips and Tricks on how to be your best during that big interview.

Interview checklist

Always be prepared with this job interview checklist from Lifehacker.

Get hired

Lifehacker offers great tips that can help you get hired.

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Additional Resources

Library Journal placement and salaries

This yearly survey of salaries - broken down by position, region, education level and more - is essential for helping you decide where to look for jobs and how to negotiate your salary.

Work experience opportunities in the Federal Government

Job seekers often forget the federal government when hunting for library jobs. The Congressional Research Service has provided a document covering how to get your foot in the door.

Brand YOU year

It can be difficult to brag about yourself during the job search, but this article makes it easy to use branding to sell yourself to potential employers.

Careers in Federal Jobs LinkedIn group

Join the group to get insider tips and advice from those currently working in a federal career. You must have a LinkedIn account to join.


INALJ stands for I Need A Library Job. One part job listings and one part job search advice, this site has everything you need for your job search.

Library career people

“Career Q&A with the Library Career People” began in 2003 as a regular advice column in the Info Career Trends Newsletter for It has since moved to this blog format to increase communications between those asking the questions and those with the answers.

Print Publications

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  • Therese F. Triumph and Penny M. Beile. The Trending Academic Library Job Market: An Analysis of Library Position Announcements from 2011 with Comparisons to 1996 and 1988. Coll. Res. libr. September 2015 76:716-739

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- Updated 4/27/2016