Intellectual Freedom Committee

Purpose: To uphold the value of intellectual freedom in Virginia's libraries by monitoring and reporting on intellectual freedom issues in the Commonwealth.

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It's Banned Books Week, and the submission form for the annual VLA Intellectual Freedom Committee's display contest is up and running. Use this quick Google form to enter your library in the competition You do not need a Gmail account to use this online form. The deadline for submissions is October 11, 2019, and the winners will be announced at the VLA annual conference in Newport News (winners do not need to be present to win). 
If you have any questions, please contact Teresa Doherty, VCU Libraries, at [email protected]

Resources and Continuing Education

Reporting Challenges

Has your library experienced a challenge or a reconsideration of your materials, displays, website content, or another intellectual freedom issue?  Let the VLA Intellectual Freedom Committee know, and we can offer support, guidance, and resources for you and your library. If you aren’t sure what constitutes a reconsideration or a challenge, please report it and let us know anyway.  

Contact: VLA Intellectual Freedom Committee Co-Chairs, Hayley Tompkins [email protected] or Rebecca Lamb [email protected]

The American Library Association collects statistics on challenges as well to monitor trends in intellectual freedom issues. If you have received a challenge at your library, please fill out their quick and easy challenge report (this can be submitted anonymously).

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