To uphold the value of intellectual freedom in Virginia's libraries by monitoring and reporting on intellectual freedom issues in the Commonwealth.

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Has your library experienced a challenge or a reconsideration of your materials, displays, website content, or another intellectual freedom issue?  Let the VLA Intellectual Freedom Committee know, and we can offer support, guidance, and resources for you and your library. If you aren’t sure what constitutes a reconsideration or a challenge, please report it and let us know anyway.  

Contact: VLA Intellectual Freedom Committee Chair, Rebecca Lamb [email protected]

The American Library Association collects statistics on challenges as well to monitor trends in intellectual freedom issues. If you have received a challenge at your library, please fill out their quick and easy challenge report (this can be submitted anonymously).

Virginia Intellectual Freedom In the News

Recent News

September 7, 2021: U.Va.’s Imaginary “Culture of Left-Wing Intolerance”
August 13, 2021: With Censorship of Student Dissent, University of Virginia Taints Rep as Free Speech Haven 
August 12, 2021: Virginia School Board Passes LGBTQ Inclusivity Policy that Sparked Protest, Resignation
August 11, 2021: Virginia Teacher Resigns Over Critical Race Theory in Emotional Speech
July 22, 2021 Libraries, Drag Queens and Culture Wars 
July 5, 2021: Challenging UVa.’s Culture of Left-Wing Intolerance
May 2, 2021: Virginia Tech Sued For Allegedly Violating Students’ First Amendment Rights with Policies
April 8, 2021: Speech First Sues Virginia Tech, Challenging Four Policies That Enable Broad Censorship
June 6, 2021: Loudoun Judge Orders Reinstatement of Teacher Suspended After Criticizing Draft Transgender Policy
May 31, 2021: Conservative Organization Representing Teacher Sues Loudoun County Schools Over Suspension
May 14, 2021: Virginia Moms Condemn School District for Assigning Pornographic Readings to 9th Graders 
May 14, 2021: Virginia Parents Blast School Board Over Graphic Books, Critical Race Theory
May 13, 2021: Loudon School Critics Target 'Dirty' Books as Recall Petitions Circulate
May 13, 2021: Virginia Parents Torch Loudoun County School Board Over Critical Race Theory, 'Pornographic' Books in School 
May 12, 2021: Parents in Wealthy, VA Town Take Out Ad Attacking Critical Race Theory at School 
April 7, 2021: 12 Books that Incarcerated People in the U.S. Have Been Banned from Reading
March 9, 2021: Choosing Not to Highlight Dr. Seuss Books is Not Censorship
March 3, 2021:
Fact Check: Virginia County Is Not Banning Dr. Seuss Books
March 2, 2021: 6 Dr. Seuss Books Will No Longer Be Published Over Offensive Images
March 2, 2021: Why These 6 Books Were Cancelled by the Dr. Seuss Estate
March 1, 2021: This Virginia School District Says It Isn't Banning Dr. Seuss Books. On the Annual Read Across America Day, It's Just No Longer Emphasizing Them
February 28, 2021: Virginia School District says Dr. Seuss Demoted as Focus of Reading Event Due to ‘RACIAL UNDERTONES,’ Denies Complete Ban
February 28, 2021: Virginia Schools Told to Distance from Dr. Seuss For ‘Racial Undertones’ On Eve Of 23rd Annual ‘Cat In The Hat’ Reading
February 27, 2021: Virginia School System Cancels Dr. Seuss, Citing Racial Undertones in Writings
February 26, 2021: Loudon County Schools Cancel Dr. Seuss for Racial Undertones

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