To uphold the value of intellectual freedom in Virginia's libraries by monitoring and reporting on intellectual freedom issues in the Commonwealth.

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Reporting Challenges

Has your library experienced a challenge or a reconsideration of your materials, displays, website content, or another intellectual freedom issue?  Let the VLA Intellectual Freedom Committee know, and we can offer support, guidance, and resources for you and your library. If you aren’t sure what constitutes a reconsideration or a challenge, please report it and let us know anyway. 

Contact: VLA Intellectual Freedom Committee Chair, Keith Weimer

The American Library Association collects statistics on challenges as well to monitor trends in intellectual freedom issues. If you have received a challenge at your library, please fill out their quick and easy challenge report (this can be submitted anonymously).

Book Resumes

To help navigate the many book challenges happening in Virginia, VLA is sharing "book resumes for commonly challenged books. Resumes are completed by librarians throughout the state who volunteer to complete. Resumes will be uploaded to the VLA Members Only website. 

If you're interested in helping with completing a resume, click to complete the Virginia Challenged Book Resume Collaboration form. You can select up to five books.


Court Cases in Virginia Beach 2022 in favor of A Court of Mist and Fury and Gender Queer

VLA has created a Dropbox of files related to the court cases, CL22-1984 (A Court of Mist and Fury) and CL22-1985 (Gender Queer). Original Petitions and Finals Orders are included, as well as briefs submitted by the authors, publishers and other interested parties.

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