2024 Executive Committee: Nominations Open!

Every summer the VLA elects new members for the Executive Committee, which is responsible for the business affairs of the Association. Serving as an officer of the association is an excellent way to influence and support VLA and librarians across the Commonwealth. Please consider supporting our robust and active association by nominating a colleague or yourself for one of our three open positions.

In order to maintain representation among different types of libraries, VLA rotates positions among public, academic and special librarians. This year we will be electing a:

  • President-elect (3 year term) from a public or special library
  • 2nd Vice President (2 year term) from an academic or special library
  • Treasurer (2 year term) from an academic or special library.

Please see below an overview of each position’s role. For a complete list of duties and responsibilities, please see page 15 of the VLA Manual, available as a Google Doc online.

To nominate someone (including yourself) for one of these positions, contact KT Vaughan, VLA Immediate Past-President, at [email protected] by April 14, 2023.

Roles and responsibilities

All Executive Committee officers must:

  • Be working and/or living within the Commonwealth of Virginia.
  • Be a member of VLA, which includes individual, life, or affiliate (through your library) membership.
  • Commit to attend six meetings per fiscal year: the planning and assessment retreat (December), quarterly Executive Committee and Council meetings (January, April, June, and September), and the annual conference (October).
    • Executive committee members are expected to attend the retreat and annual conference in person, however, participation in quarterly meetings is also available via Zoom.
    • Financial support to cover costs associated with attending the retreat and quarterly meetings, including hotel fees, is available.
  • Participate in Association business between meetings, both as a voting member of the Executive Committee and within the specific duties of the position.

In addition, each officer has specific duties and responsibilities outlined in the VLA Manual.

President–elect/President/Past-president: This is a 3-year term. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the Association. Duties differ in each of the three years, according to the specific role for that year and to overlap with two other individuals in the sequence.

  • Year 1: The President-elect works with the Executive Director on initial decisions regarding the conference held at the end of the following year, serves on the Executive Committee and Council, and supports the President.
  • Year 2: The President is responsible for representing the Association internally and externally, setting the VLA annual designated agenda, presiding over Executive Committee and Council meetings and the annual conference, and generally leading all business of the Association.
  • Year 3: The Past-president appoints and serves on the Nominating Committee, serves on the Executive Committee and Council, and supports the President.

2nd Vice President: This is a 2-year term. The 2nd Vice President serves as the primary Executive Committee liaison to and supporter of the VLA Committees and Forums. Duties include reviewing and updating the VLA By-laws and Manual, coordinating committee and forum appointments on the VLA Council, helping committees and forums fill membership needs, and participating in Executive Committee and Council business.

Treasurer: This is a 2-year term. The Treasurer serves as the Chief Fiscal Officer of the Association. Duties include supervising preparation and approval of the annual operating budget and of regular financial reports, and participating in Executive Committee and Council business.


Please reach out to any member of the Nominating Committee: