Past Events

Summer 2021

The VLA LGBTQIA+ Forum Committee invites you to celebrate Pride Month with an interactive game of BINGO! Participate in events and activities that celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community for the chance to win a prize. The game runs from June 1-June 30, but when you’ve gotten a BINGO, send your completed card to [email protected] along with your name, library, and social media handle. Choose one of the five versions to get a card:

Bingo Card 1   Bingo Card 2   Bingo Card 3   Bingo Card 4   Bingo Card 5

Moonlight Viewing and Discussion
Join the VLA LGBTQIA+ Forum on June 11 from 6:30pm-9pm for a special screening of the award winning film, Moonlight. Stick around after for a discussion on the many themes presented throughout the film, including race, sexuality, and masculinity. Register here.

Quarterly Forum Meeting
The VLA LGBTQIA+ will hold a quarterly meeting on June 24th at 3pm EST. Meet with the forum committee and members to discuss what’s currently going on in your library and learn how the forum can support you and your patrons. Register here.

Pride and Paint Party
Pride isn’t limited to just one month out of the year. Join the VLA LGTQIA+ Forum on July 22 from 6pm-8pm for a virtual painting party! We’ll paint together, enjoy our favorite beverages, and jam out to a special Pride themed playlist. Register here.

Virtual Tea

The VLA LGBTQIA+ Forum Committee invites you to join us for Virtual Tea! Learn all about this new forum, meet the committee members, and connect with colleagues across Virginia from the comfort of your home or office, all while enjoying your favorite tea. All that we ask is that you wear a hat (or crown, bandana, etc.) to show your spirit, and have fun with it! While "spilling the tea" is slang for gossip, this Virtual Tea Party will focus on good vibes, collaboration, and representation of the LGBTQIA+ community, within Virginia libraries. Share your ideas and stories while connecting with your fellow forum members at the Virtual Tea Party August 20th at 4PM (EST). 


Link to emails sent to LGBTQIA+ Forum members by VLA