Letter from VLA President Todd Elliott: July 2018

Greetings VLA Colleagues!

No matter what kind of library you work in, there is always going to be one of “those” customers/patrons/students that require a bit more patience then normal… or is that just me? Susan Henricks, in her article on problem patrons, rates them in three classes: Class I / Dangerous; Class II / Potentially Serious; and Class III / Nuisances. I hope that most of these problematic types fall in the latter category for you. Sometimes you can get a little annoyed when working with a patron but you just smile through it and serve that person. Besides, the best library stories often come from these very folks! If you care to guess, I just finished a conversation with a regular who can settle for no less than the director when he feels there is a problem. No sweat.
Some of you were fortunate enough to get to American Library Association Annual Conference in New Orleans… the rest of us stayed behind and enjoyed the images that went up all over social media (#ALAAC18, for those who want to look over it). Conferences are a great way to learn and connect. From the celebrity speakers to our own Lisa Varga in her dinosaur costume, everyone seemed to be having so much fun! ALA Annual will be close to home in Washington, DC next summer so here’s to getting there in 2019.

You say you want a “revolution?” Get ready for Virginia Library Association 2018 Annual Conference! Online registration went live recently so check out all the offerings available, and I look forward to seeing you at Williamsburg Lodge in Colonial Williamsburg September 26-28. We are fast approaching the July 16 deadline to win one of fifteen $100 stipend to VLA 2018 and made available by the Fundraising/Development Committee. Winners chosen randomly and notified by Friday, July 27. Hurry!

I am apologizing to John Lennon for the opening of that previous paragraph. Back in my youth librarian days, it was a common practice for me to enlist my two sons as helpers during Summer Reading Programs – oh, the times that dad embarrassed them while giving silly performances to large groups of their peers. Those expressions were priceless! Continue to enjoy summer where you are.

Hit me up at [email protected]. Thanks to my VLA colleagues who give the occasional shout. I enjoy hearing from you.

Citation: Henricks, Susan. "The Problem Patron." Library Administrator's Digest 36.8 (2001): 57. ProQuest. Web. 11 July 2018.