Presenter Information

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Presenter Coordinator Contact Information: Paula S. Kiser, Digital Scholarship Librarian, Washington and Lee University, [email protected]

Presentation time and location: In the conference program you will find the session schedule.  The room locations have been shared via email and will be up to date in the conference app.  Make sure to look that information over before your session so you know where to go. 

Session and Speaker Materials: Send your session materials (slides, handouts, etc.) to Paula by Monday, October 10th.  Consider adding your notes in the slide notes area so people who attending a different session can still benefit from your knowledge.  You can also send your presenter photo and bio to Paula to add to the conference app.  Please send your photo as a PNG since that is the file format the platform prefers.

 Registration: You will need to register for the conference to attend the full event.  Registration closes on September 28th.  If you only want to attend to present your session and do not intend to stay for any other sessions, please email Lisa Varga ([email protected]) or Amy Sanders ([email protected]).  They will make sure that you have a name tag set aside even though you won’t be on the main list of registrants. 

Room equipment: Please bring your own device to attach to the projectors in the session rooms; VLA does not provide laptops to presenters. All rooms will have a projector and screen with HDMI ports but the hotel does not have enough connector cords for every breakout room.  We’ve ordered several cords but if you can bring one, please do.  If your machine requires a dongle, such as Apple technology, please bring those. We have access to some of them but with so many sessions running at once, we do not have enough for everyone.  If you need a clicker to advance your presentation, please bring that with you.  The hotel does have wifi but there will be close to 500+ people using it at the same time so we cannot guarantee the connection speed. (If you are planning to show a video, we recommend that you download the video rather than streaming it from YouTube (or other service.)

Each room will have a microphone and it is essential that presenters speak into the microphone when presenting, regardless of how much you think your voice will carry.  People with hearing disabilities and people in the back of the room will have a much easier time hearing you if you use the microphone.

Session information: 

All rooms will be set up with tables and chairs to allow people to social distance. The number of seats per room is determined by the hotel.  Check your room assignment on the spreadsheet I am attaching to this email – this may be different from the information in the spreadsheet I shared a few weeks ago.  The timing to be able to get into your room to set up depends on whether there is a session in the room before you or not.  There will be 15 minutes between sessions and that should be enough time to prepare.

Each session will have a volunteer who will introduce you and go over basic housekeeping. They will also act as your timer and give you a 10-minute and 5-minute warning toward the end of your session. They will also be your point person should you have a question about technology or other issue once you are in the room.


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