2019 Scholarship Winners Announced

The VLA Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the 2019 scholarship recipients. Congratulations to Lori Rice, Tyesha Evans, and Emily Metrock on their academic excellence and dedication to the field of Library Science.

Clara Stanley VLA Paraprofessional Forum Scholarship

The 2019 recipient of the Clara Stanley VLA Paraprofessional Forum Scholarship is 
Lori Rice from Madison, VA. Lori works as a Library Associate for the Culpeper County Library. She is active in her community and in her free time serves on the Board of Madison County Library and volunteers for the Madison County Free Clinic. She says, “As we develop into a more diverse and technological society, it is vital to meet the continuously evolving educational, informational, vocational, technological, and recreational needs of all our patrons, while still promoting regular in-person use of libraries. I hope to continue to encourage the perspective that libraries are a center for the community, with services, information, resources, and life-long opportunities for patrons of every demographic.” Lori joined VLA in 2018. She is obtaining her MLIS degree from the University of North Texas and will graduate in December of 2020. 

VLA Scholarships

The 2019 recipients of the two VLA Scholarships are Tyesha Evans and Emily Metrock.


Tyesha Evans has worked for the Richmond Public Library since 2018. Tyesha brings passion and enthusiasm to her Youth Services position. One of her missions as a librarian will be to bridge the gap between schools and libraries. She says, “I want to connect with Library Media Specialists and other community officials to invest in the children’s future with library resources. I want children to know they can conquer the world with those resources.” As a librarian she looks forward to continuing to help her system develop programming and collections that represent the community. Tyesha has been a member of VLA since 2017 and is earning her MLIS from Louisiana State University. She will graduate in summer of 2021.


Emily Metrock leads the Children’s Department at the Salem Public Library in Salem, VA. On her passion for early literacy she says, “Positive reading experiences create lifelong readers in a way that no standardized test in the world ever will. Children who love reading read more frequently. The more frequently they read, the better readers they become. The better readers they become, the more they read, and on and on and on.  I believe it is my responsibility to get all children on that cycle, and the only way I can do that is by bringing enthusiasm and passion into my work. If that fire is not there, it will not spark a love of reading.” Emily joined VLA in 2016 and is enrolled in the MLIS program through Louisiana State University with an expected graduate date of December 2020.

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