Kristi Jerome

At the 2020 VLA Annual Business Meeting (which was held online, November 6, 2020), VLA President Jennifer Resor-Whicker presented Kristi Jerome of Longwood University with the Presidential Citation.  The text of the citation read:

"As Chair of the VLA Professional Associates Forum, Kristi spearheaded an effort to connect Professional Associates from all over the Commonwealth to meet and gather at Regional Workshops. This project was intended to connect library staff at a variety of libraries and in a host of positions to discuss workplace issues and share in continuing education experiences. In a time of constant change, Kristi kept the mission of the VLA Professional Associates Forum in focus, revising the bylaws of the group to more accurately reflect our current leadership landscape. In recognition of her service to the Virginia Library Association and to the VLA Professional Associates Forum, this VLA Presidential Citation is issued to Kristi Jerome."