Virginia Libraries Takes on a New Focus

 After sixty years of publication as a quarterly print journal, Virginia Libraries is moving in a new direction. As noted in every issue, the journal was originally designed to:

“develop, promote, and improve library and information services and the profession of librarianship in order to advance literacy and learning and to ensure access to information in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The journal, distributed to the membership, is used as a vehicle for members to exchange information, ideas, and solutions to mutual problems in professional articles on current topics in the library and information field.”

The journal has had a remarkable run, and the archives will remain available online at:

We’re excited about the first peer-reviewed issue of Virginia Libraries, which will be published in March 2015. We are also taking this opportunity to reshape the journal into an annual single-issue, peer-reviewed print journal (which will continue to be kept in the online archive). At the same time, we see the Virginia Library Association website growing into a more robust platform for sharing timely news and information from our members.

With this in mind, we are forming a new Ad Hoc Website Content Committee to review the Association’s website. This committee will work with the VLA Executive Committee and the VLA Executive Director to develop policies and procedures for maintenance of the website, including the creation of new content that best meets our members’ needs. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact Lisa Varga <[email protected]> or Shari Henry <[email protected]>.

Suzy Szasz Palmer


Virginia Library Association

February 27, 2015