DATE ENTERED: April 22, 2023
POSITION: Librarian I / II- Material Management 
LOCATION: Virginia Beach Public Library, VA
APPLY BY:  No date specified

Job Duties: Job Title Librarian I / II- Material Management

Duties: Job Duties Librarian I / II- Material Management  

  • Create accurate MARC bibliographic records in a variety of formats for inclusion in the local and OCLC networked databases.
  • Analyze print and electronic library materials in order to provide accurate and complete subject, author, and shelf access for customers
  • Organize print, non-print, and electronic materials using a variety of classification systems
  • Organize previously uncatalogued collections and develop strategy for integration into the library collection.
  • Plan and direct retrospective cataloging projects in order to provide current consistent classification and subject access to materials in the catalog
  • Work with Technology Services staff to maintain the integrity of the local online integrated library system for accuracy and uniformity of access points or create additions as needed to provide quality customer service.
  • Identify the need for and create critical access points in the online integrated library system to facilitate effective and efficient information retrieval.
  • Apply complex search strategy theory when creating information access to facilitate effective and efficient information retrieval.
  • Explain and interpret to customers the most effective use of the online bibliographic database via written and oral communication, newsletters, programs, and other training methods to facilitate successful data retrieval.
  • Manage the library’s collection by establishing criteria and guidelines for implementing system-wide examination of identified sections of the collection      
  • Recommend collection policy and guidelines to the Support Services Administrator to keep pace with changing library practices and improve service.
  • Evaluate and respond to requests for information and materials from internal and external customers to meet their information needs. 
  • Select appropriate formats to meet the needs of each library location.
  • Analyze population trends, the local community, and existing collections to determine the current and future collections  
  • Develop new objectives and innovative procedures to improve the acquisition and delivery of library materials.
  •   Analyze expenditures and market trends to recommend budget allocations to the Support Services Administrator.
  • Monitor expenditures to keep within budgeted amounts
  • Identify, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Support Services Administrator on vendors, publishers, and producers of materials, quality of service, discounts, fill rates and other performance indicators to reduce operating   costs and enhance efficiency.
  • Evaluate donated materials to determine suitability for inclusion in the collection.
  • Develop new objectives and innovative procedures to improve the selection, cataloging, and delivery of library materials.
  • Prepare original correspondence to communicate decisions and explain policies to internal and external customers and assist in preparation in responses to library customers’ requests to reconsider library materials.
  • Prepare written reports and oral presentations in order to explain cataloging, selection, and collection principles and promote understanding of library collection policies and procedures
  • Prepare reports to inform library locations of materials added to the library system.
  • Prepare special reports to assist the Support Services Administrator in preparation of budget, RFPs, and other fiscal documents
  • Develop and promote library services and programs both within the library community and to library customers.
  • Solve problems by applying understanding of bibliographic organization and independent judgment; and advise paraprofessional staff in resolution of issues concerning the library’s catalog and collection.
  • Train and mentor entry level paraprofessional staff, volunteers, and interns in the application of bibliographic standards and/or cataloging resources, levels of catalog maintenance, collection development, and processing
  • Serve on interview teams to assist in the hiring of library system staff.
  • Model organizational values, leadership skills, and quality customer services.
  • Participate in policy-setting library and City-wide teams in order to improve current processes and plan future growth.
  • Assist City departments and staff, community organizations, businesses and community partners in the acquisition and organization of their unique library resources.
  • May supervise librarians and/or paraprofessional staff.
  • Perform other job duties requiring skills, knowledge and physical requirements as demanded by those duties described or less. Individual assignments will be determined by the supervisor based on then current workloads and department needs.

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