DATE ENTERED: June 20, 2022
POSITION: Web Services Librarian
LOCATION: Virginia Beach Public Library, VA
APPLY BY: No date specified

Web Services Librarian- REQ#36875  
  • Responsible for the implementation of technical specifications, maintenance, monitoring, and issue resolution of the library's internal and external website related to usability, accessibility, and integration of web services and electronic resources.
  • Collaboratively create design continuity for the library’s website in alignment with the library’s brand and strategic goals.
  • Coordinates with stakeholders to ensure that the library's web presence is user-centered and accessible.
  • Establish and execute routine procedures to create a dynamic web environment and to generate and maintain customer engagement.
  • Prepare statistical reports to monitor the use and operation of the Library’s websites to ensure that pages are functional, content is accurate and timely, and links to other sites are valid.
  • Participate, as a representative of the City’s Page Masters Team.
  • Participate, upon request, in Library strategic planning.
  • Manages projects including timelines, development of costs, and progress.
  • Participate on citywide teams to ensure library initiatives and priorities are represented in City decisions.
  • Participates in and supports activities of all assigned teams in an informed, constructive, and organized manner to ensure accurate communication on the status of the Library’s website and digital initiatives.  
  • Participate in planning and implementation of grants related to library technology.
  • Remain current on topics affecting the library profession through reading professional journals, participation in professional organizations, or continuing education activities to anticipate and meet customer needs.

Perform other job duties requiring skills, knowledge, and physical requirements as demanded by those duties described or less. Individual assignments will be determined by the supervisor based on then-current workloads and department needs.

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