Library of Virginia LDND Introduces InfoCenter

LVA's Library Development and Networking Division (LDND) has been busily drafting a new resource, replacing what was previously known as the "extranet." The new InfoCenter will be your first stop resource for development, continuing education, programmatic resources, stakeholder advocacy, Evergreen and Wordpress support, as well as the digital collections provided by the Library of Virginia. The link will remain the same so bookmark it now:

In an effort to support Virginia library professionals in a more efficient way, the pages of Programming and Continuing Education will hold offerings for both Youth Services and Adult Services under the same headings, as many of the material there will support both, with cross over content on both sides. We are also looking forward to developing a repository of "lesson/program plans" for sharing successful programs with one another in an organized fashion. To this end, visit the "programs" page and click on the Program Plan Submission and a form will appear that can be completed. After it is reviewed, the plan will be added to the repository. A .doc of the form will also be available for download for personal use.  Similarly, a Training Request form will also be available so that you can communicate training needs to us when you think of them, rather than having to find the time to email or call us with that request. Training requests can be as vague as "I would like to know more about..." or as specific as scheduling a staff day with LDND staff.  

Please know that the InfoCenter is a work in progress and suggestions for improvement are welcome (yep, there's a link for that). Next up: a whole new life for Find It Virginia!

The sole purpose of LDND is to serve-Virginia's libraries, staff and citizens. How can we serve you?

Nan B. Carmack, Ed.D.
Director, Library Networking and Development
Library of Virginia
800 E. Broad St.
Richmond, VA 23219