FREE Professional Development Opportunity:  Host an ACRL Webinar Viewing at your Library in January

Respond before Friday, January 12th, 2018


Virginia's chapter of ACRL (VLACRL) is offering SIX academic libraries in Virginia the opportunity to host viewings of the following two ACRL webinars in January (click webinar title below to learn more about it).
If you would like to be a host library in your area for BOTH these webinars, please email Dorinne Banks:

  • your name (contact person)
  • your email
  • your library/institution.

The first six libraries to respond will be selected as host locations.
The Low Morale Experience of Academic Librarians, Part I: Revisit the Study (January 18, 2018)
Delve into the details of the impetus, methodology, results, and implications of a touchstone study of the development and outcomes of low morale in academic librarians.

The Low Morale Experience of Academic Librarians, Part II: Recognizing and Overcoming Barriers (January 25, 2018)
Building on Part I of The Low Morale Experience of Academic Librarians: Revisit the Study, this Part II will review and discuss environmental and systemic factors that impact the low morale experience of academic librarians, and focus on leadership, ethics, and systemic barriers that we need to work on to reduce low morale in libraries.

Dorinne Banks