Librarian of Virginia Sandra G. Treadway Receives Filby Award from NGS

Librarian of Virginia Sandra G. Treadway is the recipient of the National Genealogical Society’s Filby Award for Genealogical Librarianship. The award was presented at the NGS’s 2014 Family History Conference at Librarians’ Day preconference on May 6. The $1,000 NGS Filby Award for Genealogical Librarianship is awarded annually.

The Filby Award is named for the late P. William Filby, former director of the Maryland Historical Society and author of many core genealogical reference tools that genealogists have relied on for decades. The award was created and first presented at the annual 1999 NGS Family History Conference by the publisher Scholarly Resources of Wilmington, Delaware. In 2004 and 2005, it was sponsored by the Godfrey Memorial Library. Since 2006, it has been sponsored by ProQuest.

In addition to serving as Librarian of Virginia, Treadway also serves as State Archivist. An accomplished historian and author, she is an active member of the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies and the Council of State Archivists. Treadway serves on the board of directors of Lyrasis, a nonprofit membership organization that partners with member libraries to create access to and manage information.

Treadway was recognized by NGS for her efforts to expand patron access to information and for the preservation of historical records. She has been instrumental in encouraging staff of the Library of Virginia to explore innovative ways of making information accessible to the public. A historian specializing in women’s history, she is a member of the Organization of American Historians, , Southern Association for Women Historians, Virginia Library Association, Virginia Sesquicentennial of the American Civil War Advisory Council, Southern Historical Association, Supreme Court of Virginia Historical Commission, and the Virginia War of 1812 Commission. Since 2007 she has served on the Virginia Freedom of Information Advisory Council.

At today’s opening session of the NGS conference, Treadway spoke about the Library of Virginia’s plans to take a fresh look at its traditional service models and its public spaces in order to create a more dynamic and customer-focused research and learning environment. She discussed the evolving nature of libraries and research repositories in the 21st century and the needs and wants of today’s technology-savvy library users.

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  • Karen Burzdak

    I would like to read at least a summary of your speech that you gave to NGS. I am president of our local genealogical society in Napa Valley and welcome new ideas. Unlike most small societies (200 members), we own our building and its book collection, which includes maps, genealogies, how-to books that are global in scope.


    Thank you for your request. We have forwarded this to Dr. Treadway, along with your email address. Have a great day! – The Virginia Library Association

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